When the Sun Bursts

Sadie 3When the Sun Bursts is mainly the story of a young woman, Sadie McDonald from Queen’s County, who ‘kidnaps’ her adopted child back on Easter Monday morning, 1916, and Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Müller, commanding a Zeppelin on its way to bomb Dublin in support of the rebels, who is tormented by the decision he has taken to have his mentally ill daughter lobotomised in a Swiss clinic. Against the backdrop of these two stories, the love affair between Lydia Fitzgerald, an Anglo-Irish woman in the nationalist movement, and Ilse Mainz, a German co-conspirator of high social standing, is played out in the lee of the Rising.

The character of Sadie McDonald is a composite; that of  Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Müller is very roughly based on Heinrich Mathy, the famous World War One Zeppelin commander, shot down over Potter’s Bar in October 1916.