They say human life is the most precious thing. The Collector doesn’t quite agree…

When world renowned archaeologist Philip Carlton  unexpectedly commits suicide, the police are called to investigate. Heading up the investigation is Detective Lucy O’Hara – a Forensic Linguist – and she immediately sees something is wrong with the suicide note. Instinct coupled with linguistic training tell her this was a cold-blooded murder.

Battling sceptical superiors and the Irish establishment, Lucy digs for the truth and begins to uncover a shadowy trade in ancient artifacts led by a mysterious figure known only as ‘The Collector’.

As Lucy works to uncover his identity, she soon realises she is up against a ruthless mastermind who is systematically eliminating anyone who might lead her to him. But Lucy won’t give up and soon The Collector turns his attention to her…

The Collector – the first in a gripping new series featuring Detective Lucy O’Hara, ‘PolyGlock.’

The Luck Penny

An accomplished confection of death, trauma, psychosis, paranoia, illicit love, colonial power and native subversion

Irish Book Review



‘It was a morning upon which a war might have started…’

It is the autumn of 1849, in the lee of the Great Famine, Dr. John Drew, a Protestant minister and scholar, is struggling in his Irish rectory to complete the translation of a six-line cuneiform text from Persepolis. His wife Eliza is visiting her sister in London. Neither Eliza nor John Drew have been able, up to this point, to come to terms with the terrible loss of their son Edward. Now, isolated from one another, the past floods in. It becomes a question of how they will deal with this new reality when they meet again…and then a young man happens along…

Slouching Towards Jerusalem

Slouching towards Jerusalem is a unique contribution to comparative literature – Irish, Israeli, and Palestinian – that deals with the under-researched phenomenon of reactive nationalism – emotional rather than ideological nationalism. It is the only comparative study of its kind involving the three literatures. Slouching towards Jerusalem is an edited version of a PhD thesis at SOAS University of London.

Meet the Author

John Maher writes both literary and crime novels and is a former lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies with a love of languages, travel and music. He lives in a small town in Ireland, from which he steals away, from time to time,, to see the big world beyond the crossroads.